There’s one generation that counts more than any other in business today, and that’s the millennials. Why is that? They’re young, with a disposable income. They may not yet have started a family, so they have more time, and money, to spend enjoying themselves. Millennials are also more open to modern marketing techniques, giving smart people like you the chance to snatch them away from competitors who are still stuck in the dark ages of the Twentieth Century. Here are 5 great ways to reach millennials.

1. Content is King

Content marketing is the way to go when you want millennials salivating over your product. This generation wants excitement, and they want it now. Guess what, they can have it too. You have to make your promotional material bright, bold, and fun, and ideally either interactive, or featuring a video. Reading? Reading’s for the old folk in Generation X. Show them what you have to offer, but make sure that the video has plenty of energy and is in-your-face entertaining.

2. Have a Conscience

It can never be said that millennials are in it for themselves. It’s the generation that discovered a social conscience. There’s nothing they love more than a cause, so if you have a cause to promote as well, it’s sure to go down well. Are you passionate about the environment, or animal welfare? Make sure you publicize it as much as possible. By becoming associated with a popular cause, you can create a good news story that will run and run.

3. Keep Your Ear to the Floor

Somebody once said ‘the times, they are a-changing’. If Bob Dylan was still alive, he’d be even more convinced. What? He is still alive? Have you heard him lately? Anyway, the point is that you have to keep up to date with the latest technology. Millennials love to use the latest platforms, so don’t get stuck in the past. Make sure that you know what’s happening in the technology news, and jump on board at the first opportunity.

4. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media.

It’s so important, I had to say it three times. Don’t just use social media, be social media. Use all the platforms you can, and update content every day. The more posts you put on social media, the more chance you have of millennials picking up on it, and sharing it with their friends. If your posts are both relevant and funny, you could find it being shared around the world. Your target consumers are now acting as your marketing department.

5. Be Mobile Friendly and Future-Proof

In a few generations we’ll have evolved so that our hands hold an iPhone perfectly, and with an extra finger to act as a stylus. That’s how important smartphones are becoming. More and more millennials are using smart phones instead of computers. Make sure that your websites and content is reactive and mobile friendly. In that way, you’ll be ready for the future when the smartphone or tablet becomes the number one retail gateway.

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