Just came back from Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas and what a show it was for us. Unfortunately however, I continue to see a lot of affiliates who don’t take the time to network within the industry and build upon their presence. Some might think that they’re only going to get shot down by successful people while others are just too lazy.

The reason that this is unfortunate is it does lead to the demise of many. When you want something to be sustainable for you, you have to get out there and do whatever it takes to get it. This means getting to know people, forming beneficial partnerships, staying up on new ideas, and much more.

Without further ado, let’s take a look into what we like to call “The Art of Professional Networking.”

Don’t just be the next acquaintance.

No matter what, you should always be thinking about how your presence can drive true value. By doing this you’ll be able to start gaining a reputation that stands out from the rest. Here are some key points to help you do exactly this.

Comment on blog posts in ways that helps reinforce its topic and with personality. A lot of people will use canned blog comments but you don’t want to go this route. It’s so impersonal.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to like-minded individuals. When you do, make sure you use language and context that helps justify a reply.

When you’re on forums, position yourself as someone that’s on a mission. Be willing to share your journey with others as it could set yourself apart from the masses.

Share your knowledge any time you get the chance.

Whether it’s on your personal blog or in a Skype conversation, position yourself as an authority who people are willing to take advice from. Authority figures didn’t always have the opportunity to be looked at as someone that’s skillful. They proved their worth.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to give away all of your tactics. Just produce those that listen to with true value. When you do this you’ll also build upon your reputation in a way that’s sure to naturally grow your following.

Always stay on top of what your contacts are doing.

Don’t build a relationship just to let it grow cold. It took time to find and establish the relationship, so take a little bit of time to understand what’s going on in their professional life as well as their personal life. This will help you gain a better picture about what they’re about while giving you something that you could talk to them about.

There’s software out there that will help you do this. Going this route has proven to be a lot easier for those that want to stay updated on their circle. A person who pays attention to those they meet is someone who’s going to produce a more valuable relationship than those who don’t.

Look out for the next possible relationship opportunity.

Social media has made it easier to develop new relationships and stay updated on industries. Don’t ignore the opportunity to build a valuable relationship with new people. You’re sure to see a positive addition to your life if you don’t ignore these opportunities.

After all, this is an industry of change and it’s also one where countless people bring tremendous value to it. Your circle is only as valuable as you make it, and without new relationships you’re truly limiting your potential.

By now you probably have a lot of ideas going through your mind about how you can build the best personal network of people that’s sure to impact your affiliate marketing career in a valuable manner. This is an ever-changing industry which thrives on networking with others.

The moment that you underestimate the power of networking is the moment you’re not taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to you. Don’t let this happen, just be you and prosper.

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